Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

ParexGroup values people above all else. Our commitments to social responsibility are a reflection of how our corporate culture is both deeply humanistic and global and local at the same time. It can be resumed through two major commitments:

  • Act for and with our employees,
  • Anchor our sites in their territory.


People and the way they’re considered is our first concern in all the projects we undertake. We know our people are the key to our success, so we do all we can to enrich the professional life of our employees.  Our interest in people is most clearly seen, however, in our commitment to safety.

A safe and healthy work environment is fundamental to our approach to business. With a constant monitoring and reporting system in place, we continually look for new ways to improve safety.

We contribute to the development of local economies by encouraging access to training with the construction industry. We also enter into partnerships with schools, and invest heavily in improving the working experience of our employees.